I’ve Moved!

First of all, hi! And thank you to all of you who have read and subscribed to my blog for the past year or so. It has been a pleasure to have you as an audience. This isn’t goodbye, but it is “catch you on the flipside.”

I’ve decided to move my blog to hopezane.com. I made the change for a number of reasons— desire to unify my web presence, deciding to branch out and do more (or rather, let people have a peek at all the things I already do). But most of all, it was the result of a little soul-searching and the decision to stop hiding behind anonymity on the internet:

“This is me. All of it, and I’m sharing it with you here.”

And I’m excited! I think it’s going to be a fun ride, and I’m excited for what comes next. I’ve stuck some shirts based on my poetry up in my website’s store (and expect more to come), and you can look out for a little fledgling cosmetics line emerging in the next month or two.

If you’d like to keep following me (and I hope you do! It would be lovely to have you!), then please click on over to my new website and sign up for my mailing list. I might keep posting here now and again to catch the stragglers; we’ll see. I have several more months paid on this domain name, in any case.

Follow me at hopezane.com.


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