Where I’ve Been Living

I’m thinking about writing meta more seriously lately, and I’ve had this exceedingly meta post about writing meta open in my browser for going on four days. Bonearenaofmyskull is one of my favorite Hannibal meta writers, so I’m 100% into whatever she has to say about the topic.

I have extremely vague plans to create a pan-fandom meta blog, which may or may not coincide with this thing I seem to be doing where I just show you bits and pieces of what I’ve been reading/listening to/considering lately.

Is anyone into this? If you are, let me know in the comments.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

I just did enough of you to dull the pain
Just to get me through the night until we’re twins again

Funny bit about ice wine I came across while doing research for like you hung the moonshine:

It’s hard to know how anyone would ever purposefully make this wine. True ice wine is one of the hardest, most misery-stricken wines to produce. Just imagine yourself outside in sub-zero temperatures, in the dark, on a slippery hill, in the middle of a frozen winter, trying to harvest grapes.

This is ice wine.

Because if bb Hannibal was going to get drunk for the first time, it would be off something with a high human misery content, wouldn’t it?